The Global Institute for Values Education


G.I.V.E. is dedicated to teaching values, ethics and leadership programs throughout the world. We work with universities, foundations and philanthropic organizations to create and deliver programs and tools based on Values Science. We want to help leaders take practical steps to reinforce positive and good values while lowering the level of poverty in their country. Working together we can move toward an interdependent, collaborative world of nations throughout the globe.


Our solution is to teach values and ethical principles (with a scientific, logic-based, formal axiology) to students in middle and high school, as well as in higher education. Providing education courses on ethics and core values insures that future leaders acquire the knowledge for making better life decisions and to live a "good" life, wherever they may live around the world. After these values educational programs are established in most countries of our world, we could enjoy a climate of cooperation among all nations of the world. This is only possible when built upon a foundation that supports a formal grounding of values through education that transcends all cultures and national identities. 


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